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Morning Buzz

As reported yesterday, Bob Vander Plaats, Sioux City businessman and former GOP candidate for Governor, will be holding a press conference this morning at the Capitol in Des Moines. Both the Iowa Independent and James Lynch of The Cedar Rapids Gazette are reporting that BVP will not be running for Governor nor endorsing Branstad. The Iowa Independent post credits The Sentiment with breaking the story.

WHO radio host Steve Deace says that any hope to overturn the Iowa Supreme Court’s 2009 decision which legalized gay marriage is “null and void.” His comments were made in the wake of a federal judge’s overturning of California’s Proposition 8, which affirmed the definition marriage as between a husband and a wife.

It will be interesting to see if Vander Plaats makes any mention of Deace’s comments when he is expected to announce his ‘vote no’ campaign for judicial retention later this morning. Justices Baker and Streit as well as Chief Justice Ternus are up for a retention vote on the November 2nd ballot. A sufficient number of ‘no’ votes would remove them from the bench.

UPDATE: Well, it’s official, BVP confirmed The Sentiment’s initial report at 10:30 AM this morning in front of the judicial building in Des Moines. A more detailed analysis of the event will be posted later today.